Update uit Sierra Leone

oktober 2016

Dear Stichting members

I am very sorry for the lack of communication from me for quite a while, Marja did mentioned some labs during her visit to my new born baby, this was due to my job and some personal commitments, which I promised I need to do more to keep you up to-date on developments in the Foundation in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, the responsibility was tasked by the board in Sierra Leone to Vincent to send reports to everyone every three months on how things are unfolding, he sent us a report three weeks ago, which he stated the situation and status of various projects.

Like I mentioned above, I will sit with board in Sierra Leone and discuss about monitory and reporting about the Foundation projects, which in my opinion were very necessary for the health of the Foundation.
I must say, there are lots of challenges and we need to communicate them well, after the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, life for the ordinary people became more difficult, inflation is 30%, most of the NGO’s are facing lots of social problems which tend to double financial cost, and the Foundation Help Sierra Leone is one of the Foundation that is experiencing such cost and expectation, for example, all our volunteers are not receiving salary or income for work being done, in actual fact they have family that depends on them, flooding is affecting most of our volunteers, in that respect it’s difficult for them to be 100% in service for the Foundation, I have been helping some of them these past year, but it’s also a burden on me.guest-house_1

As a Foundation we need to do more to realize our efforts and promised, of course we need to keep you informed,
but also we need to trust the people in Sierra
Leone that they are willing to go on with Foundation that is in view to help poor people.

Thank you for all what you are doing in behalf of Foundation Help Sierra Leone!

The coming months, I will believe will give new opportunities and challenges. We are sure that with Gods help we will make effort, although it is not always easy!

Met vriendelijke groet