Hieronder volgen een aantal verslagen van de microkrediet leningen.

Fanta Kamara is a married woman. She has 3 children. She describes herself as an honest and social woman. She operates a retail stall where she sells soft drinks, biscuits, chocolates, and other items. Her business is located in a densely populated area and her primary customers are residents. She describes her biggest business challenge as insufficient funds for improving her business. She will use this 250,000 Leones (€50) loan to buy soft drinks, sweets and biscuits to sell. Her business goal is to be a supplier of soda within 5 years. She hopes that, in the future, she will expand her business and retorns 50 Euro back in Three months times. This is her first loan with Foundation help Sierra Leone.


Jebeh BrimaJebeh Brima is a resident of the Waterloo Village area . She is a married mother of two children. Jebeh owns a food stall business, mainly dealing in popcorn, and has been running this business since we offer her 50 euro. She learnt about Foundation Help Sierra Leone, from a a friend and joined the women’s wing of the Foundation with an aim of accessing credit to improve the operations of her business. Her main challenge is occasionally limited customers. She has seen some growth in the business and would like to set up another stall, but after she returns her initial 50 Euro. Jebeh is applying for more loan to purchase a popcorn making machine. The extra income from the loan will be added to her savings to improve the living standards of the family, especially the education of her children. She aspires to own a café in future.

Mariama Turay

Mariama Turay is married and has four children. She used her previous loan from the Foundation Help Sierra Leone to buy clothes, shoes and cosmetics. Her small boutique did very well, and she successfully repaid last month to another woman by the name of Mary. She is requesting a new loan to buy clothes, blankets, sheets and shoes. She hopes to have a big boutique and to own a supermarket someday.






FantaFanta lives in the Lumpa area waterloo. She is a married mother of four children. She owns a green grocery stall that she has been operating for four years. In this business, Fanta sells greens, fruits, vegetables, etc. The family also earns some income from farming. Fanta learned about Foundation Help Sierra Leone through a Isata our female coodinator, and joined with an aim of accessing credit to improve the business operations. The challenges she is facing are inflation and the high costs of transportation of products from the source to her business site. Fanta has been offered a loan of 250,000 Leones(€ 50) to buy greens, other vegetables, and fruits. The extra income from the loan will be added to her savings to expand the business and pay for her children’s school fees. Her plans for the future are to start other businesses and also open stalls in different areas.

Aminata is a 25-year-old woman, single, and lives in the city of Newton with her parents and siblings. She is a very happy, hardworking and enthusiastic person who has a great desire to succeed. Sadly, because of a lack of economic resources and her need to work to support her parents, Aminata was not able to study for the nursing degree she wanted, but she would have liked to have been able to do it very much. In her free time, she likes to play sports, and on some occasions, she cooks a very tasty rice with duck to share with her family.
With much effort, dedication and help from Foundation Help Sierra Leone, Aminata began her small business selling groceries and drinks. Every day, she starts work early in the morning. She can serve approximately 25 customers, and she believes that things are going well due to her good service. Aminata is very grateful for Foundation Help Sierra, because the help given will allow her to buy merchandise for her business, such as rice, sugar, oil, milk, mixed vegetables, noodles, soft drinks, among other things. In this way, she will have a better-stocked business with which she hopes to be able to raise her sales and increase her income. This will help her a lot to be able to grow her business, and she hopes to be able to achieve her great dream of having her own house and her own premises for developing her, Aminata also helped to plant at the foundation Company last April.

Florence Kargbo is well. Married, she is mother to one child. she is 33 years old and doesn’t go to school. She has 2 people under her care she has been a caterer (cakes) for 2 years. She gets her supplies in the surrounding stores. Her customers are the storekeepers and the kiosks. Florence obtained loan from the Foundation last June, she decided to buy herself 2 bags of wheat flour, one 20L can of oil and one bag of sugar. With her profits, she wants to save. Florence has the ambition of improving her business (buying ovens for the preparation of cakes) and helping her husband with the family responsibilities.